Karst Days is a portfolio of images taken from 2019-21(ongoing) with a Mamiya rb 67 on expeditions I made with an informal group of artist friends to the karst region in Puerto Rico. Some of these images are of friends we made along the way with people that live near the caves and people from the speleological community in Puerto Rico that self-organize to take care of trails that are not official national parks. We participated in the reopening of trails that had been lost after hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017. Since 2019 we have made new trails for caves that have not seen human activity for over 10 to 20 years. We also understand the impact eco-tourism brings to the fauna of these cave systems and we organize in small groups not larger than 10 and do not share location information with tourist agencies. We aim to protect caves and archeological sites from developers by keeping a presence, visiting sites and raising awareness about the cultural value we find in these places. Our experience informs our artworks that in turn generate new knowledge about the karst in Puerto Rico. I often find myself thinking about my art work while I am trailing. The natural landscape becomes part of my thinking process and my art work becomes a collaboration with the landscape and the materials I am using, sometimes photographs, other times sculptures made of reclaimed wood, screen prints or writing. Our expeditions are often whole day or an overnight camping trek. This portfolio is of the trails to the caves, once inside I take photos with a dslr but more often with my cellphone that later I upload to a shared ig account.